73rd Independence Day Celebration in Hong Kong

India celebrates its Independence Day on August 15 every year. After years of struggle and sacrifices by millions, the country got independence from the British Raj in the year 1947. President of India addresses the nation on August 14 at 7pm. Prime Minister of India, hoists the flag at 7.30 am on August 15.
The flag hoisting ceremonies are organized in India and abroad.

On occasion of 73rd Independence day, Consul General of India in Hong Kong and Macau organized a flag hoisting function at Bharat Bhavan. Mrs Priyanka Chauhan, Hon Consul General of India to Hong Kong and Macau invited Indians living in Hong Kong to participate in the celebration.

(Raw Video footage by Mansi Chandola and edited by Hong Kong Desi Team)

Unlike every year, this year the celebration took place under open sky at Bharat Bhavan on a perfect morning. The perfect morning had faint chirping of birds, clear blue sky, fresh morning breeze, golden rays of sunshine, and dewdrops over green grass….and a patriotic zeal with devotion and sense of attachment to a homeland. As if, the nature was also celebrating and wishing a new beginning to India.

After the flag hoisting ceremony by Mrs Priyanka Chauhan, Hon Consulate of India to Hong Kong and Macau, Hong Kong Desi enjoyed a series of memorising performances that evoked emotions of patriotism among everyone.

(Photographs by Mansi Chandola and Riddhi Kothari Mehta)

After the performance, the light refreshment was served.

Important points from PM Narendra Modi’s speech on Independence Day.

  • India can become 5 trillion economy in next 5 years
  • Government has decided to invest into INR 100 crores in infrastructure building
  • Government is aiming to reach within top 50 in ease of doing business
  • We achieved one nation one tax under GST
  • To boost tourism, everyone try to visit at least 15 destination in India by 2022
  • The new proposed role of ‘Chief of Defence Staff’ will ensure a well coordinated vision and action among all three forces.
  • Government is committed to provide drinking water to every citizen and Jal Vivan mission will ensure the drinking water facility for everyone in India
  • Government is making every effort to remove corruption and black money that ruined India for 70 years
  • The government will have minimum role in people’s lives in future
  • India will soon will free from open defecation country

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