At the age of 105, Major Brar’s WORK keeps him alive & kicking

Major Bakhtawar Singh Brar (6 Kumaon) who owns 18,000 acres of land in Delano California where he grows grapes used for making raisins, pistachios, almonds on his farms. At the age of 105, his WORK keeps him alive & kicking.

He is 105 years old actively working with his team of workers. He recently celebrated his birthday from his desk, at work. The man hasn’t stopped working a day in his life and he says work is what keeps him alive, reports

Major Brar  said, “Activity is life, life is activity. The people that kill time, they kill themselves.  Farmers and soldiers never die in bed.”

When he moved to the U.S. in 1980 at the age of 68, he was told to apply for a pension.

He replied, “I said ‘thank you very much ma’am, I don’t need it,” the newspaper quoted him. “She said, ‘why?’ I said, ‘what have I done for this country, nothing. I don’t want to be a burden here. I will earn it if I need it.”

He then started working as a farm worker to earn a pension for himself and his wife. Bakhtawar has been overseeing his son’s agriculture company since 2006.

“A person is never useless in their life, they may go down in performance, but everyone can do something for their country,” he said.


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