Chandrayaan-2: India successfully launches moon mission

India has successfully launched Chandrayaan-2 at 14:43 local time (09:13 GMT) from the Sriharikota space station.

Team ISRO scripted a new chapter in India’s space history with the launch of this ambitious and indigenous Mission to Moon. The whole nation was proudly talking about it. The enthusiasm among citizen was so high that Chandrayaan-2 was trending on twitter for hours.

It is India’s second lunar mission that was delayed to blast off by a week due to a technical snag. After resolving technical snag, ISRO’s Chandrayaan 2 successfully took off from Sriharikota. All credit should go to Muthayya Vanitha & Ritu Karidhal, ISRO’s two women directors in charge of the mission, even though their work isn’t over until Chandrayaan 2 lands on moon in September later this year.


India’s space chief said his agency had “bounced back with flying colours” after the aborted first attempt.

The spacecraft has entered the Earth’s orbit, where it will stay for 23 days before it begins a series of manoeuvres in order to enter into lunar orbit. 

If successful, India will become the fourth country to make a soft landing on the Moon’s surface. Only the former Soviet Union, the US and China have been able to do so. India hopes the $145m (£116m) mission will be the first to land on the Moon’s south pole.


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