Hiring and Managing Helper Relationship in Hong Kong

Here are some useful links for hiring and managing domestic helpers and managing a cordial relationship with them lawfully. 

Hong Kongers are quite fortunate to have the luxury of hiring domestic helpers from varied locations to suit their needs. This is boon for most of us. However, selecting the correct helper and managing him or her can be a daunting task.

Here are some tips for hiring and managing your helper. 

Foreign Domestic Helper Hiring Process: 

If you are hiring a new helper, you can either choose to go through an employment agency or find one on your own. You may go through personal recommendations, websites like HelperChoice or social media groups and forums.

If you hire a helper through an employment agency, you may pay the agency between HKD 5000 to 12,000 depending on the specific services they provide and depending on your chosen helper’s nationality. If the two-year contract with the helper is prematurely terminated, agencies will seldom replace with another. Some of them actually make money through an unethical ‘re-hire business’. So be careful with such agencies as you will waste money and re-hiring could be a very expensive process. 

If you find your helper on your own, you can choose to complete the paperwork on your own (depending on the nationality of the helper) or hire an agency that can do it for you. Sometimes agencies poach such helpers and place them with another employer to earn money.

Process – Before Hiring 

Search your helper

Facebook Helper Group

Facebook Helper Group

Fire Agency 

GeoExpats – Helper-wanted

Helper Choice

After Hiring (visa, holidays, terms and conditions and more) 

Helper Visa 

This link provides all the details you need to know about helper, salary, terms and condition, salary certificate. 


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