Hong Kong Desi supports and Appeals to Donate 'Free Temples' Campaign

Background of campaign: Traditionally, every temple in Indian subcontinent had charitable endowments, including property given to temples, for the benefit of the community. These benefits included dharmshala (rest-houses), pathshalas (primary schools), gaushalas (cattle house), and institutions for the advancement of education and feeding of the poor.

For the British agenda of colonisation and conversions to succeed, the temple organisation had to be weakened. So, temples were brought under government control in 18th century.

After seventy years, it is high time that the Hindu community is allowed to manage their own temples once again – the devotees’ donations should be used for social benefits instead of sitting in a government treasury or being misused.

Dr Subramanian Swamy, Member of Parliament and ex Harvard Professor has raised this issue in early 2000s. Recently, Indic Academy, a registered non-profit organization has launched a campaign to create a awareness among people on this issue that later can be discussed in the parliament. Hong Kong Desi has joined this campaign and now we appeal you all to be generous and donate to create a successful campaign – To Free Temples.

Please help this campaign. This campaign will let our temples flourish and eventually can make a positive contribution in the society again.

Please contact us at tel 66070034 or whatsapp +1(201) 448 4386 for more details.


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