Hygiene Tips For School Kids

Schools finally have begun for all ages. This comes as a big respite for the parents and children alike from the daily grind of login’s and online lessons but at the same time parents are equally concerned about the safety of their kids while letting their little ones attend school and commute on public transport. 

Schools here however are doing the best in their limits and are exercising all measures to ensure the safety of their students. Most of them operate half day sessions adhering to the EDB instructions, with an intent to minimise kids’ stay on the premises. The school authorities alongside carry on deep sanitisation of the classrooms,washrooms and practise mandatory distance while seating. Furthermore all parents are briefed through emails about the measures to be followed prior to their opening. All these and many more of such precautions are to assure the parents of their ward’s safety.

Despite all the efforts this situation of pandemic still sees scepticism in the minds of parents and teachers alike. In such cases working together as a community and sticking to hygiene is the key, teaching kids to follow certain basic hygiene habits as a ritual will make a world of difference. But again we all know how difficult it is to teach kids these things. 

There are easy and effective measures that both parents and teachers can follow hand in hand to ensure the smooth running of schools and keep the virus at bay. 

  • Be regular with the routine shots and make sure all the vaccinations are administered correctly and don’t forget to get the flu shots this season just to be on the safer side. Now that the immunity part is taken care of, external hygiene comes in. 
  • Maintain healthy distance from one another inside and out the classroom to avoid the risk of contracting infection from touch. 
  • Sanitise hands at regular intervals or after washroom breaks or after touching common surfaces and before eating or drinking. 
  • Wear a mask all the time when with people to avoid passing body fluids while talking, sneezing and coughing. Choose a good mask preferably cloth ones to allow room for breathing. 
  • Wash, cloth masks should be washed frequently in warm water whereas surgical masks should be disposed of after every use. Avoid using the same mask for a longer period. This increases the risk of developing bacteria. If you remove the mask for eating or drinking keep it in a clean mask holder or a plastic bag. 
  • Always keep spare masks handy just to be safe or to help others in need of one. 
  • Keep your belongings clean and sanitise them with alcohol after school. Lunch boxes and water bottles should be thoroughly washed. School bags and folders should also be sanitised regularly. 
  • While returning to school excitement can take the best of kids but parents should train them not to hug or shake hands with their friends and avoid any kind of touch by all means for their best. 
  • Kids are always taught sharing is caring but it’s not healthy in times of pandemic. Make sure to instill in your kids’ minds not to share their food or eat from others. This can be an easy way of spreading infections if the person has any. 
  • Lastly, take a good bath after school or clean your hands and feet with copious amounts of water and soap for your personal hygiene. Change out of school uniform immediately after reaching home and if possible put it in the wash or keep it separate from the daily wear to avoid infections from spreading. 

Sticking together as a community and adhering to these basic but important hygiene habits we can keep the virus at bay and be assured that our kids are safe both at home and outdoors. 


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