Management Lessons by Lord Shiva

On occasion of Mahashivratri, Hong Kong Desi pleased to share the informative article on Shiva and his teachings.

1. Self Control:

Lord Shiva had a balanced mind. We have heard people say that our mind is like a monkey that keeps hopping from one thought to another and it goes without saying that an uncontrolled mind can cause unseen damage in our lives, so control your mind for a balanced life.

Shiva is always calm and in a premeditative  state even when he has a sea of thoughts running in his mind.

Trishul signifies that Shiva is above all three state – waking, dreaming and sleeping, yet he upholds three states.

2. Stand up for people

Shiva drank the powerful poison which came out of the Samudra Manthana (ocean churning)process to save the three worlds from getting destroyed. We should also stand up for the good of people in every little way we can to protect our society. We should  fight and work against the bad  to restore peace in our society.

Bull is a symbol of righteousness, Lord Shiva riding on the bull means that when you are truthful, the infinite consciousness is with you.

3. Materialistic life is Transient

Shiva barely wears any clothes. His appearance shows no attachment to the material world.He dresses in a skimpy deer hide holds a Damroo(music instrument) and a Trishul (three-edged weapon) in one hand and a Kamandalam (jar)in the other hand. However, his knowledge and power has no parallels in the universe.

It is a waste of time and energy to run after materialistic things as there is no end to such wants. Once you achieve what you want some other wish pops up. This is a never ending cycle. Moreover, you lose a precious part of your life in chasing after insatiable dreams.

4. Love and respect your wife

Shiva always loved Parvati, his better half. He would go heights to fight for her protection. In one instance he destroyed the Havan (holy pyre) put for gods  and killed her father when he came to know that his wife jumped into the same fire and killed herself because of her father’s insult to her.

He always stood by her and would do anything for his wife.

We should follow suit of Shiva in this. If we respect our life partners and  stand by them through thick and thin, we earn each other’s love  and loyalty for lifetime as such peace prevails in our personal life, which is a key to success in all other walks of our life.

5. Value your Fellow Beings

Shiva always loved and revered his devotees in all situations. He never disappointed the ones who did penance to gain his blessings. He fulfilled his devotees wishes by granting them their much wanted boons. For instance, he gave boons to Ravana, Hiranyakashyapa and the like despite of them having selfish ulterior motives to overpower the world. He was just happy with their penance and conviction and blessed them.

It is important to treat our fellow beings with love and respect everywhere, be it office,your own home or any other place in our society.

6. Contemplate and Envision your thoughts

Lord Shiva’s abode is in Mount Kailash, the beautiful serene mountains. Such calmness blends into his perennial meditative state. He could remain in a state of trance for longer periods. He became the powerful one through such contemplation. We humans should also practice simple mediation in our daily lives unlike Shiva  to gain a better insight

Shiva always eased people lives in crisis. We too can help ourselves and our people out of difficult situations with a contemplative mind and clear thinking.

7. Wisdom beyond mind

Shiva wears crescent moon. It signifies that wisdom is beyond the mind, but it needs to be expressed with tinge of mind and this is symbolized by the crescent moon.

With third eye, Shiva shows his alertness, knowledge and wisdom collectively.

8. Anger management

Shiva was known as the aggressive one of the trinity. His power and poise were respected but at the same time everyone feared his wrath. His majestic Natraj pose displays his charismatic dance still in a state of fury. He would dance off his anger and cool his mind before he takes next action so that his  anger does not cause harm to the world around him.

We humans should also learn to channelise our anger and aggression in a positive way and cause no hurt to people.

9. Follow yourself

Shiva never bothered about doing things that other people did nor did he follow anyone. He indulged in himself and lived his life oblivious to his surroundings. Care not about what people around do. Be yourself and radiate the power of your goodness to others.

10. There is an End to everything

Shiva’s damru or drum symbolizes the universe which is always expanding and collapsing. From an expansion it collapses and then it re-expands, this is the process of creations and disposition.

Shiva, in all his glory reminds us that there is an end to everything. If something is created, it will be destroyed some day. Wherever there is birth there is death. The ashes smeared all over his body remind us of the impermanence of life.  Knowing this we should live our life to the fullest. 


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