Moving and Renting options in Hong Kong

Moving to Hong Kong is a real challenge in terms of searching for a place to live, finding school for kid, etc. This article will focus on options and opportunities available for renting an apartment in Hong Kong.

If you are moving alone, one of the best options for you could be living in a mini studio apartment that are available around Causeway Bay or Wanchai. Although these types of studio apt are available everywhere in HK, they are more popular around Causeway bay and Wanchai due to their proximity to Central, the main business district.

These studio apt are self content ranging from 100 sqft to 1000 sq ft depending on budget and needs. The budget could range from 5000 HKD to 70000 HKD depending on the location, facilities, and the services offered by management firms.

The private studio or apartment cost lesser than the one offered by management firm.

Websites for searching an apartment

Square Foot:

Midland Realty:‎

28 housing:

There are many realtors across the city who are operating locally. They also offer lucrative options.

Geoexpats Rental classifieds

Geoexpat rental link:

Facebook Group for searching an apartment:

Market Place:

Rent an Apartment: Rent Apartment

Studio for a person: Find your Room (website)

A studio for rent in Causeway Bay offered by Maggie Lin ( listed in a Facebook group

Sharing an apartment with a separate bedroom can also be an alternative option to the studio apartment. Please ensure that you know your flatmate and his background before you move in.

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