My Quarantine Experience by Kishor Kumar

We were so worried about these 14 days of quarantine after landing at the Hong Kong airport. Our worry had turn into fear when we were forced to throw away so many of our food items (especially food the children liked) at the new Delhi airport.

Anyway, we safely arrived at Hong Kong, our Karma bhumi. And, from when time we left the plane until now, we have been treated so well. All the people are so kind, polite, and informative. Even though they are working extra hard to arrange all of this still, they are explaining everything so politely. We are so overwhelmed by this treatment.

Here at the quarantine center, all the Volunteers are doing a really great job. When we arrived at midnight, they gave us a vegetarian dinner and provided us with all the things one can require.

The room is actually a house: seemingly like 2-3 bedrooms for three people. we are a couple with a 5-year-old boy. In our room we have three beds, mattresses, pillows, pillowcases, bedsheets, and coversheets (2 for each of us).

We also have an electric kettle, two fans, TV, wi-fi, and a cloth cabinet.

Twice a day we need to record our temperature. For my son, a medical team comes to check his temperature once a day.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two separate servings of fruits are all brought to our door by volunteers. For the first two days, the food was a bit late because it’s takes time for them to arrange everything; but, afterward, all was on time.

My stomach was upset during my stay, but it was nothing serious. It was just because of food. I was checked by a doctor and, as usual, the whole team was very kind. I received medicine and, voilà, in a day I was fit again.

Due to hot weather, my son’s eczema re-appeared on his neck. It was quite serious and, yet again, the medical team and the doctor were so nice. They gave him some ointment and in couple of days his rash and itch were all gone.

During our stay, we requested some vegetarian noodles, milk, juice, tissue, hand washing material, etc., and same day all were delivered to us by these amazing people.

On day 12, we asked to have our test administered. The team collected what it needed and now we are good to go. Tomorrow is our last day here, although we can stay through tomorrow night. We requested to stay through then and we will depart the next morning.

The whole experience was good, very satisfying. We are so thankful, really thankful, to every single person behind these arrangements.

We must thanks to the restaurants that supplied the food to us. As we are vegetarian, we hot food from Woodlands (vegetarian), Jason (non-vegetarian) for free through Hong Kong government arrangements. Some people orders food from Gaylord and Kana Kazana (paid food delivery) to the Fo Tan Quratine Center because the last two days, per the Hong Kong government, paid restaurant food is not allowed in the quarantine center.

Author: Kishore Kumar and my wife Pooja Sharma are Yoga Masters living in Hong Kong for the past 12 years and have our own yoga center, “Prajna Yoga,” at Lai Chi Kok for the last 6 years. We are teaching all type of Yoga classes and, also, we are a Registered International Yoga Teacher Training Institute.

3 thoughts on “My Quarantine Experience by Kishor Kumar

  1. Agree I also travelled recently and was treated very welcoming and politely which is needed at this situation.

    Amazing and good work by the Hongkong teams right from the time you get off plane.

    Cheers !Keep up the good work!

  2. Dear noted experience of Mr Kishore it is very good to note and we are preparing to experience the same in coming days waiting for flight confirmation will go through the same experience.
    Thanks n Rgds / KEWALRAMANI

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