New York Times placed – Hampi at #2 place to visit in 2019

A significant boost to Indian tourism when leading New York based newspaper listed Hampi at #2 place (out of 50) to visit in 2019.

New York Times listed Hampi, Karnataka at number 2 place to visit in 2019

The article quoted NORA WALSH, “At the height of the Vijayanagar Empire in the 16th century, Hampi thrived as one of the largest and richest cities in the world. Its architectural legacy lives on in the southwestern state of Karnataka with over 1,000 well-preserved stone monuments, including Hindu temples, forts and palaces. Spread over 16 miles near the banks of the Tungabhadra River, and surrounded by a sea of granite boulders, the Unesco World Heritage site has been notoriously difficult to reach, until now. TruJet recently began daily direct flights from Hyderabad and Bangalore to Ballari, a 25-mile drive from Hampi. Travelers can stay in the newly refreshed Evolve Back Kamalpura Palace or at Ultimate Travelling Camp’s new Kishkinda Camp, which introduced 10 stately tents in December. Outfitters Black Tomato and Remote Lands now offer journeys in the region, from guided archaeological tours to rock climbing and river jaunts in basket boats.” 

This listing will bring Hampi into a limelight that and boost the future tourism. There are hundreds of heritage sites in India that are little known to many international travelers. This kind of exposure may create a buzz among potential travelers who are planning their trip well in 2019.

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