Yoga, A Gift From India: Used or Misused?

I always say Hinduism is the best choice for humanity, it’s a gift from India, to India and the world, and yoga marries so well with Hinduism. I have always been a lover of yoga because it truly is magic to mind, body and soul.  Yoga aligns all these together so your body and thought become in harmony. Unfortunately, most westerners have a nebulous perception about yoga.

Ever since BKS Iyengar introduced yoga to USA in early 90s, it is growing big.  The revenue of the yoga industry in 2012 was 6.9 billion and by 2020 it will reach 11.56.  Sadly, there are a lot of certified teachers in the USA who just get their certificate because it is a money making generator. They are missing out of the core fundamentals of the spirituality and magic of yoga.

I have been to classes, seen and heard about the different styles and approaches they are using.  It is merely just a form of exercise, where one is doing squats in some yoga format or doing push ups in another format just to get the heart up to burn calories. They are truly missing out of the true, original form of yoga that transform you.  It’s not all about exercise but about discovering yourself.

People today are so anxious, uptight, and on the edge constantly, they don’t know how to relax.  Yoga can help them but the yoga studios across the country are portraying yoga in a different light from its original format. They are not reaping the full benefits that comes from this gift, gifted to us from India. The rewards should be enough to make one practice.

Mainstream yoga in the United States may be somewhat like hatha yoga but it’s very different than the traditional types.  It appears that many have an ambiguous concept of yoga. Maybe there might be some benefits in that but traditional yoga in its original form has a deep spiritual significance, to add, it is alternative medicine. The list of benefits is enough to make someone want to explore the real art of yoga.  With an explosion of ADHD in American yoga has proven to be very helpful for children with this condition.

The magic of yoga can reduce stress, increase flexibility, improve balance, promote strength, improve cardiovascular, lower blood pressure, reduce overweight, strengthen bones, prevent injuries, lift mood, improve immune function and promote spiritual well-being.  Yoga calms the mind and in return calms the nerves which relaxes the muscles which generates positive thoughts. They effects yoga has on depression and anxiety are impressive, one might not need to take their prescription medications if practicing yoga.

While westerners are doing some format of yoga, sadly, many people living in India do not practice yoga.  I’ve noticed many in India are taking up the typical western type of exercise like weight lifting or cardio.  Those style of exercises are great but one should incorporate a yoga session at least twice a week as yoga keeps you in tuned.  Yoga is the antidote to your tumultuous life. The ancient teachings and wisdom of Hinduism and yoga are life changing and transforming. One should practice yoga to rediscover themselves.

Fancy Yoga in Gym

When one practices yoga, you might begin to learn and discover things about yourself that you could never see before.  You might become more compassionate for the world and animals, and even become a vegetarian. This is the spiritual side of yoga, the magical side of yoga, it is unexplainable but true.  It’s like faith, being certain of something even though you cannot see it at the moment. This is the beauty and magic of this ancient practice out of India. Yoga is an ancient gift for the modern world.  Just one of India’s many gifts and contributions to the world.

About Author Renee Lynn: Renee Lynn is a Public Figure Activist, Published Author, Columnist and Founder of Voice for India Project. Renee Lynn was born and raised in New Jersey. She’s best known for raising issues and awareness about India’s political and social issues. Traveling all over the world, she has seen many different cultures, which was one of the best experiences of her life, India being the most life-changing. She has appeared in numerous India newspapers and television channels for her project, “Voice for India”. Renee Lynn exposes the media and propaganda against India. In her book India Stripped, she investigated the mainstream media and tells the world about the real India. Her passion for getting the truth out about India is perpetual.

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of International Desi or Hong Kong Desi.

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